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A potential customer of yours is experiencing what they believe to be arch pain. They have Morton's neuroma, but they don't know it yet. They search their pain on the internet and are met with misguided solutions from Donjoy, Aircast, Breg, Bledsoe, and ASO, all of whom use digital advertising.

This is the experience that hundreds of your customers are having when they search for solutions to their achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, bunions, or hammertoes. With DPM Ads, you can drive these customers to your site.

Don't let big brands sell off-the-shelf orthotics and "semi-custom" ankle braces to your customers. DPM Ads puts you at the top of these searches so that you can use your training and experience to treat pain and increase function.


DPM Ads offers paid search, display, and social advertising for your clinic. The combination of these three advertising services provides your practice with a holistic online presence.

search advertising

With search advertising, you can capture customers in your area who are running searches related to your products and services. When someone searches flatfoot, they may not know that they have stage 3 PTTD. With paid search advertising, the first site they see is yours. This is a customer who may have bought a brace on Amazon but now you can fit them with an Arizona.

Display advertising

Display advertising will connect you to potential customers by exposing them to your custom visual ads on their favorite websites. Customers who search foot ulcer will be identified by google and shown your visual ads on their favorite sites like YouTube, ESPN, or Pandora.


Facebook offers many targeting tools to capture potential customers. DPM Ads will find customers in your area who show a need or interest in your products and services and show visual advertisements to them with links to your site.


Meet the DPM Ads Team

daniel cropper

Daniel Cropper is a Marketing Associate and Product Developer for BioSkin Premium Bracing, an innovative orthopedic bracing manufacturer located in Ashland, Oregon. For years Daniel has worked directly with DPMs to create innovative and profitable products for the podiatry market. He has distributed and marketed these products to foot and ankle specialists and consumers around the world by leveraging his knowledge in podiatry and his background in marketing. A graduate of Arizona State University's W.P. Carey School of Business, Daniel began his career working for Dell Computers. He is a Google Partner, certified in AdWords search and display advertising and has a keen understanding of the podiatry market and foot and ankle pathologies.

Graham Thomas

Graham Thomas is a Marketing Consultant, Oregon Licensed Real Estate Broker, and Partner of the Catherine Rowe Team at John L. Scott in Ashland. Serving as the Regional Marketing Director for John L. Scott's Ashland and Medford offices from 2014 to 2016, he completed nearly 1600 marketing projects, designed and launched new print and digital publications, managed the pilot marketing internship program, and developed paid social media, digital display, and search advertising programs. Prior to joining John L. Scott, Graham worked abroad where he developed and implemented creative strategies for boutique hospitality, food service, and beverage companies. As a student at the University of Oregon, Graham was recognized for his leadership in the Advertising Department of Emerald Media Group with the Shellie Hagen Award of Excellence, and worked for Bell and Funk, a marketing agency located in downtown Eugene, Oregon. Graham is a Google Partner certified in AdWords MobileShoppingVideo, and Display advertising.


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