Exclusive Proposals from the Catherine Rowe Real Estate Team

Since 1998 the Catherine Rowe Real Estate Team has cultivated a reputation for professionalism, in-depth understanding of the Jackson County housing market, and for putting our clients first. Our team of expert realtors is well equipped to help clients expediently list, market, and sell, or find an ideal property to suit their needs. We invite you to discover what set’s our team apart from the competition. We’re now offering our Exclusive Listing and Buyer Proposals for Southern Oregon. These booklets describe our experience, commitment, and unparalleled multi-channel marketing approach. Customized targeting allows our branded and narrated listing videos to reach hundreds of prospective buyers every day across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, as well as thousands of most highly trafficked websites and mobile applications served by the Google Display Network. Visit our website, call, text, or email us to receive a free copy of our Exclusive Proposals today. We look forward to knowing you!

Buyer Targeting with Facebook Ads


Do you know where your next million-dollar buyer is coming from? Who is going to buy your rural listing in the next county? Using an exhaustive set of custom demographic and behavioral targeting criteria, we ensure you only pay for well-qualified individuals to see your listings.

Click-to-Call Facebook Ads


Similar to our ‘CloudCMA’ campaigns, the ‘Click-to-Call’ campaign develops seller leads in specific neighborhoods. These campaigns are particularly effective when agents have qualified buyers on hand, or a strong understanding of which markets are particularly active. On Facebook’s mobile feed, the targeted audience is able to place phone calls directly to the agent simply by tapping on the ad.

Seller Prospecting with Facebook Ads


In February 2016, our team launched a series of targeted ads to generate prospective seller leads using CloudCMA. During that period, our ads averaged a click-though rate over 40x the national average for display advertising, and generated hundreds of agent-branded CMAs for Southern Oregon homeowners. Here’s how it works:

1. The agent confirms that their MLS credentials are current with CloudCMA (via MyDesk), and then send us:
a. A  link to their  “What’s my home worth?” website.
b. A brief description of their target neighborhood.
c. An address and mile-radius of the target neighborhood.
d. An image that represents the target neighborhood.

2. We place an ad with Facebook from your business page targeting homeowners living in the specified area.

3. You sit back and watch the leads roll in! Every time someone generates a CMA from your “What’s my home worth?” site, they’ll receive a CMA with your contact information, and you’ll get an email notification!

70,000 Downloads in 6 Months


In the Fall of 2014, Graham Thomas, Marketing Director for John L. Scott’s Ashland & Medford offices, contacted Howard Chung, Vice President of Broker Excellence for John L. Scott, to discuss best practices in real estate marketing.

Understanding the company’s objectives, Graham proceeded to develop social media and online display advertising strategies that allowed 21 agents in Southern Oregon to achieve over 70,000 mobile app downloads in less than 6 months. To put those figures in perspective, in February of 2016 John L. Scott had approximately 2,900 agents in 107 offices with 280,000 app downloads across Oregon, Washington and Idaho. At that time, Graham’s work accounted for approximately 40% of total app downloads, enterprise-wide.

With the high visibility and strong business results Graham’s work has helped agents in Southern Oregon realize, John L. Scott’s corporate leadership team has retained Graham to deploy his strategies, creative, and targeting for all of agents and brokers—enterprise wide.