In February 2016, our team launched a series of targeted ads to generate prospective seller leads using CloudCMA. During that period, our ads averaged a click-though rate over 40x the national average for display advertising, and generated hundreds of agent-branded CMAs for Southern Oregon homeowners. Here’s how it works:

1. The agent confirms that their MLS credentials are current with CloudCMA (via MyDesk), and then send us:
a. A  link to their  “What’s my home worth?” website.
b. A brief description of their target neighborhood.
c. An address and mile-radius of the target neighborhood.
d. An image that represents the target neighborhood.

2. We place an ad with Facebook from your business page targeting homeowners living in the specified area.

3. You sit back and watch the leads roll in! Every time someone generates a CMA from your “What’s my home worth?” site, they’ll receive a CMA with your contact information, and you’ll get an email notification!